All About Majd Bataineh

The Life Of Majd Bataineh

My name is Majd Bataineh, and I am 17 years old and a current high school senior at HSA HIGH. I was born in Houston, Texas on August 30th 2001 and my parents are both Jordanian. I am currently intrested in becoming a Mechanical Engineer and I would like to attend the University Of Houston Main Campus. My goal in life is to design an invention that will benefit all of mankind!

My Hobbies!

I am currently a high school student at HSA High and I like school quite a bit.

Hello, my name is Majd Bataineh and here is the second page to my first html site!

I like to play video games and my favoirte video game now is COD BO3.

When I have free time, I like to be with my family and converse with them.

Oh, I also forgot to mention what I would like to major in which is Mechanical Egineering

Three Intresting Facts About Majd Bataineh!

I speak the Arabic Language!

I Love attending Car Meets and socializing with others about cars!

I am the oldest out of three siblings!

Three Future Goals Of Mine!

I hope to buy my first supercar by age 26

I would like to become a Mechanical Engineer in the near future

I would like to become a black belt by age 21

Here is my favorite picture, it is a photo of myself and my younger brother Jad