My First Website

Majd Bataineh

Hello! My name is Majd Bataineh and I am Senior at HSA Houston High. This is my first website using HTML.

"What I like To Do For Fun!

a I love hanging out with my freinds and family, and I enjoy trying new things in life.

What I Want To Become When I Grow Older

I Would Like To Become A Mechanical Engineer And Or Psychologist When I Grow Older.

Heres A Picture Of My Favorite Car

Here is a Picture of my favorite Movie!

This is my favorite movie to watch with freinds and family since it is a very funny movie. Although I have watched various other films, Rush Hour 2 is still my all time favorite movie

Here Is The Trailer Of Rush Hour 2

Here Are Photos Of My Favorite Novels!

My Classes

A-Day Classes-

B-Day Classes-

My Schedule with Insructor's Information and breif description of courses -

Days Courses Instructor Information
A-Day College Counseling Mr.G In this class, I am applying to colleges.
A-Day Web Tech Mr.Ucar In this class, I learn how to code websites
A-Day Introduction to Engineering and Design-PLTW Mr.Marteeny In this class I learn about the basics of engineering, and buidling a website, which is what I'm doing right now.
A-Day Digital Media N.Morelas In this class I am digitaly drawing my artwork
B-Day AP Government Mr.Beaumier In this class I learn about the U.S. Government.
B-Day Forensic Science Ms. Pete In this class I learn about concepts of Forensic Science
B-Day Art 1 N.Morales In this class, I learn to draw art.
B-Day ELA 4 Mr. D'Costa I learn advanced English for preparation of College Level English.

My Favorite Foods To Eat/Drink

  1. Coffee

  2. Banana Smoothie

  3. Ceral

  4. Steak

  5. Shrimp

My Favorite BMW M Cars

Car Make Model
BMW M3 2018
BMW M5 2018
BMW M6 2018

Horizontal Version

Original Vertical Version

Course Teacher Description Day
Chemistry 2 Pre-AP Ms. Bulut We learn Chemistry A Day
Algebra 2 Pre-AP Ms. Min We learn Algebra A Day
Introduction to Engineering Mr. E We learn Engineering A Day
Advanced Math Lab Mr. Berk We practice Math A Day
World History AP Mr. Boldman We learn World History B Day
LOTE Spanish 2 Mr. Barrutia We learn Spanish B Day
Digital Art and Animation Mr. Morales We learn Digital Art B Day
English 2 Pre-Ap Ms. Barajas We learn English B Day